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Touring is another exciting and often educational way to see the world. You may get to see more of a country this way and since you are guided you get to learn about the history of other cultures and civilisations.

There are numerous choices that you have when touring other countries especially in Australia and New Zealand. For instance, you can tour using a luxury coach, by joining an adventure tour or safari, cycling, river cruising and much, much more.

Our customers often have a destination in mind but may not know that tour operators exist there. Or some customers come to us because they know of a tour they wish to be a part of and want to ensure they get the best possible price.

Whatever your situation is, Mid City Travel is here to help. Our approach is to take into consideration the number of people travelling, budget, age, gender, interests, and any other special considerations such as diet. We then suggest a number of reputable tour operators and discuss pricing options and itineraries.

So if you wish to make the most of your next holiday, keep in mind that tours can provide excellent value for money.